World Cup Mobile 2006

World Cup Mobile 2006 1.65

WCup 2006 is a football manager, which will enrich your desktop with the latest news and results for the upcoming World Cup 2006 in Germany. The information is periodically actualized so that you always have up-to-date World Cup news, latest standings and scores, statistics etc. Detailed match reports follow shortly after the match completion.

WCup 2006 offers rich historical information, team rosters, portraits of famous players, information about tournament cities/locations, match calendar, statistics and much more.

Application, reports, news etc. is provided in English, German and French languages.
Basic German data comes from an official German agency (SID, Neuss). Envi.con translates news and match reports into the remaining languages.

Online Coverage:

  • World Cup News from an Authorized Provider
  • Results
  • Cards and Goals Statistics
  • Match Reports

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World Cup Mobile 2006


World Cup Mobile 2006 1.65